Pregnant Aishwarya craves for dhoklas, pizzas

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s delivery is due anytime now and Abhishek Bachchan including the entire Bachchan parivar is trying to fulfill her every wish. The Bachchan bahurani craves for pizzas, dholka, imli ka achar, dai vade, pav bhaji and sabzi parothas and innumerable things and Abhishek runs around to get everything for his dearest wife.

Ever since Amitabh Bachchan declared her pregnancy news, she was in the news. She will deliver her first baby at Mumbai Seven Hills hospital. Tentative date of her delivery is 11.11.11. The hospital has made all the necessary arrangement for the safe and smooth delivery of the former beauty queen.

Bookies bet Rs 150 crore on Ash’s delivery date and huge amount was bet on 11.11.11as astrologer considers this date to bring lots of fortune to the new comer. However, the Bachchan family has denied such report.

.Meanwhile, the Broadcast Editor’s Association has issued certain guidelines and restricted TV channels from covering the birth of the baby.