Pratyusha’s father complains against hospital for shielding Rahul Raj

Deceased actress Pratyusha Banerjee's father has filed a complaint to the Indian Medical Association (IMA) against Mumbai’s Shree Sai hospital for protecting Rahul Raj Singh and conniving with him in exchange of money.

Rahul was admitted to the hospital on April 3 after he complained of of chest pain, low blood pressure and a bout of depression, two days after his girlfriend Pratyusha committed suicide. After a psychic evaluation, Rahul was discharged from the hospital on Saturday evening, April 16.

In his complaint vis e-mail on Saturday, Mr Banerjee said that he suspects foul play and fears that the hospital is saving Rahul from police investigation by declaring him unwell.

Pratyusha’s parents suspect that their daughter was killed by Rahul and after her death, Rahul, on the pretext of some illness, got admitted to Shri Sai Hospital, which is looking like a high-handed conspiracy between the accused and the hospital management, according to a leading daily.

“We also have doubts that they have unofficially taken money from Rahul as well and are giving him protection and helping him to get bail on medical grounds, which is a matter of serious concern. We are also doubtful regarding the registration of the hospital and its doctors,” read Mr Banerjee’s letter.

He urged that an inquiry should be conducted against the hospital and its management, as he has learnt that in the past too, the hospital has shielded criminals by taking huge amounts of money from them.

Meanwhile, Dr SJ Goel, who was treating Rahul claimed that the police was keeping a close eye on him. Rahul was initially admitted for vomiting but later, they found he was suffering from mental illness because of which the psychiatrist treated him accordingly.

“He was constantly saying things and showing suicidal intentions, so we are treating him. If we had taken money from him, how could we have discharged him now,” said Dr Goel, adding that there was no conspiracy and they being doctors, were treating him.

When asked about the complaint, Dr Goel told ANI that she, along with a psychiatrist and two counsellors, has given day to day bulletin to the police for evaluation. She also mentioned that the Rahul was also suffering from restless leg syndrome and was therefore under observation.

"I can understand Pratyusha's parents are sad as they have lost their daughter and my sympathy is with them, but its police's work to find out who the criminal is, I don't know anything," Dr Goel added.