Pratyusha in trouble, ex-boyfriend files complaint against her

Pratyusha Banerjee, who is better known as ‘Anandi’ of the popular TV soap of ‘Balika Badhu’ of Colors channel, has got herself into trouble.

Pratyusha had a difficult time with her ex boyfriend, Makrand Malhotra, who is a businessman. Pratyusha recently filed a complaint with the Oshiwara police station. She alleged that her boyfriend was getting abusive towards her and even threatened to kill her. Pratyusha said, “He  had been threatening and abusing me on the phone for the past three days. On Tuesday night, he landed up at my place and abused my family and me. He even threatened to harm us. I had no option but to file a police complaint.”

But her allegations were taken by surprise by everyone. Till recently, Pratyusha was seen with her boyfriend and till last week, they posed as a couple. On top of that, to celebrate Pratyusha’s birthday, her boyfriend, Makrand threw a lavish party for her. When Pratyusha was asked about her relationship status with Makrand, she said, “Not at all. We split long ago. I don't know why the media keeps calling us a couple.”

A source said, “They fight and reunite all the time. Usually, we don't take their fights seriously. This time, it's different.”

Last month only they were spotted in a wedding party and seemed much like a couple.

The differences sprouted between them after her boyfriend felt that Pratyusha was cheating on her. He wanted to resolve the issue and wanted to talk to her. However, Pratyusha avoided him and did not show any concern.

The following day, Pratyusha called him many time but he refused to take her calls. Then Pratyusha complained to her father. Her father in turn called up Makrand and threatened him to kill him. Makrand recorded his voice and later produced the telephonic conversation in the police station to file a complaint against Pratyusha and her father. He said, “Pratyusha and I were in a relationship for over two years. Obviously, I had become a bit possessive about her. But I got to know that she is cheating on me. So, I went to her place on Monday to talk it out and end matters once and for all. However, Pratyusha didn't entertain me. The next day, when I was at my friend Sara Khan's (she is also Pratyusha's best friend) place, Pratyusha inundated me with calls. When I told her not to call me, she was infuriated and told her father that I had been harassing her. Her father called me up, hurled abuses and even threatened to get me killed. I recorded the entire conversation. When my mother told Pratyusha's mom that we were going to file a police complaint, she pleaded with us not to do so. So, we backed out. But later, around 3 am, I got a call from Oshiwara Police Station, informing me about Pratyusha's complaint. I went there and made the cops listen to the recording. It was they who asked me to file a counter complaint against Pratyusha and her father, which I did.”

She has left the serial ‘Balika Badhu’ telling that the hectic work schedule was taking a toll on her health. It’s ironical that a character who epitomized ideal woman in reel life has to go through all these in her real life.