Pratyusha Banerjee dating a diamond merchant

Pratyusha Baneree is in love again. Anandi of ‘Balika Vahdu’ is said to have fallen in love again. The man in question is a businessman who deals in diamond, his name is Kunal. The duo has been spotted recently and seems quite comfortable in each other’s company. They look very much in love an complete devoted.

Off late, Pratyusha has hit the headlines for her ‘Bigg Boss 7’ appearance. She has been approached for the seventh season of ‘Bigg Boss’. Then the actress made news for posing bikini in her grand birthday bash.

Pratyusha has been in media all over for involving in a fight with her ex-boyfriend Makrand Malhotra. The actress lodged physical assault case against Makrand and her former boyfriend in turn files complaint against her for cheating.

She accused him of verbally abusing and constant threats. The actress filed the complaint with Oshiwara Police Station at around 3 am today morning. Confirming the news, the actress said, "Yes, it's true that I have lodged a complaint against Makrand. He has been harrowing me since the past three days and I was left with no option but to file a complaint as things came to a head."

Without getting into details of the dispute, she added, "He has been threatening and abusing me on the phone. Last night, he landed up at my place and abused me and my family. He even threatened to harm me and them. I have had enough of it and was pushed to take such a drastic step."

Pratyusha clarify her relationship with Makrand, when asked whether she is still dating him,  "Not at all. Makrand and I had split long back. I don't know why media keeps calling us a couple," clears she.

Mumbai based businessman, Makrand denies the allegation against him and claimed that Pratyusha is lying as she has found a new love now. It is also said that Makrand behaved badly with Pratyusha’s father but he denied and said that he has always respected him despite his bad behavior. Makrand also lodged a complaint against Pratyusha in the same police station.

Surprisingly, Makrand and Pratyusha were spotted three days back at Ankit Gera’s birthday bash and it is strange how so quickly their relationship turned violent.

It is believed the story is a making and there is no truth in it.  Pratyusha is entering Bigg Boss house this season and it is said that all this has been made for publicity stunt.