Prakash Raj flare-up against AR Rahman, Rajinikanth threats

South and Hindi movies iconic villain Prakash Raj reacts strongly against the Fatwa issued against music maestro AR Rahman and superstar Rajinikanth. He expressed his anger over the issue and highly slammed the incident. Reacting angrily to the fatwa against Rahman and threat to Rajinikanth, the actor said, "The country is getting intolerant, ask them to go to hell," NDTV reported.

Last week, Mumbai-based Reza Academy had issued a fatwa against Rahman after he  composed music for Iranian film ‘Muhammad: Messenger of God’, directed by acclaimed filmmaker Majid Majidi.

Infact, Rajiikanth also had to bear the wrath of several right-wing leaders in Tamil Nadu, including one from Hindu Munnani, opposed making film on Tipu Sultan.

Prakash Raj further said, "You ban meat, you ban porn; don't voters have rights? The bubble will burst soon."

Since Rajinikanth was busy with his movies, he has not responded to the Hindu outfit's diktat. His office said that the actor is busy with two films and he wouldn't want to respond to speculation.

However, on his Facebook page AR Rahman posted a strongly-worded letter, saying, "I did this in good faith. What if Allah were to ask me, I gave you faith talent and money. Why did you not do music for my Beloved Muhammad film?"

However, veteran actor Shabana Azmi also vociferously denounced the fatwa  against AR Rahman.

"The Raza Academy has no locus-standi and its self-appointed stance of speaking for all Muslims has no takers. What have they done for the welfare of the community except inflame passions? Have they seen the film? The answer is, no. So how can they presume that it will be hurtful to believers?" she said.

Reacting to the fatwa the five-time National Award winning actress said, "Firstly it's important to understand what a fatwa is. It is being bandied about without knowing facts. A fatwa can only be issued by a mufti in response to a question raised by a person or a group. The mufti cannot issue a fatwa suo moto and neither can he impose it. A fatwa is purely a recommendation and is not binding."

Shabana revealed that she too was a victim of such a fatwa. "The Raza Academy had issued a fatwa against me in the Nelson Mandela case (controversy over a peck she had planted on the patriarchal Mandela's cheek). I ignored them, and that was that," she told veteran journalist Subhash K. Jha.