Post surgery, Big B meets his fans first time

Amitabh Bachchan who is recuperating at his home is better now and for the first time post surgery, he came out of his house and meets his fans outside his residence on Sunday.

Dressed in a white kurta, pajama and a shawl, the 69-year-old actor looked much better and thanked his fans for their good wishes.

"God bless the well wishers. God bless them for their permanence in my life. God bless their consistency, their love and enthusiasm. I am indebted for life. It is a debt I shall never be able to repay; the one burden that shall remain with me unattended. One burden that shall make me happy," Bachchan wrote on his blog.

The actor underwent two abdominal surgeries at Mumbai Sevenhills hospital on February 11. Big B had a history of stomach ailments since his intestinal injury in 1982 on the set of ‘Coolie’ where he met with an accident.