Post Pataudi's death, Kareena returns to work

Family comes first for Kareena Kapoor and then work. Though Kareena Kapoor is the most successful actor of Bollywood today, she gives top most priority to her family life. Tragedy struck Pataudi’s family and Kareena Kapoor stood by the side of Saif’s family. She cancelled all her assignments to stand by her beau’s side and is said to be returning to work today.

She will fly from Delhi to Mumbai today and join Shahrukh Khan for the promotion of Ra.One which has apparently came to half due to Saif’s father sudden death.

However, Shahrukh Khan being a kind guy asked Kareena to take as much time as she needed to get out of the tragedy but Bebo does not want to hamper his work and being a true professional, she retuned to work.