Post motherhood, Lara returns to acting

While actresses take their own suitable time to return to silver screen post motherhood, Lara Dutta stands exceptional. Lara who is blessed with a girl child is keen to make her comeback.

Lara had the feeling that actresses with kids need not have to sit at home. Lara informs that she will be signing her next film in a day or three. "I will be signing my next film in two-three days. It will be an easy role for me to jump back to. My own production will be later," Lara told reporters Tuesday during the launch of her DVD - Parental Yoga With Lara Dutta.

Married to ace tennis player Mahesh Bhupati in 2011, the actress gave birth to her daughter Saira in January this year.

"So many actresses have become mothers. They have all taken their time to come back. So, I think this is an outdated concept that if someone has become a mother, so she will sit at home. I can`t wait to come back," she said.

Eagerly waiting to face the camera again, Lara says she will choose projects keeping in mind her daughter`s interests.

"My film choices are obviously going to be dictated by Saira`s welfare. I am not going to do films which would require me to stay on the sets from morning to night or for multiple days in a row. So, I will pick my choices very carefully. I am excited with what`s coming my way already," said the 34-year-old.