Post break up, Shahid hangs out with VJ Bani

After breaking up with Priyanka Chopra, Shahid Kapoor is hanging out with a new gal. He was spotted socializing and moving around with VJ Bani at a Bandra nightspot.

An eyewitness revealed, "Shahid was accompanied by a male friend and the very popular VJ - Bani J.

Shahid and Bani were having their meal and were seen joking around and having a gala time. Both were there for an hour while having their meal. Bani even emptied a few drinks and all three of them left together."

A source said, "Apparently, after his breakup with Priyanka, Shahid is on a 'friend-making' spree.

During the course of his relationship with Priyanka, he barely went out or socialised. Now that he is single, he is making full use of the freedom."

When contacted, Bani confirmed, "I was eating out with Shahid. We go to the same gym, and at times our work-out schedules coincide.

We just felt a bit hungry that day and decided to have a meal."

Has Shahid after splitting-up with Priyanka moved on in life and found a new love in VJ Bani. Well, only time will tell.