Tanisha-Armaan part ways, Kushal-Gauhar together

Well as it is said the real picture of the lovebirds of Bigg Boss 7 house will be clear once the housemates of the show will step out of the four walls of the house, it happened exactly the same way. It has been a week that Bigg Boss 7 ended and the picture which was before us throws clear signal that Tanisha Mukherjee and Armaan Kohli’s love for one another was totally for the sake of the show which died down after they stepped out but Kushal Tandon and Gauhar Khan’s love is true.

Kushal and Gauhar welcomed New Year together in Goa but Tanisha and Armaan celebrated separately with their respective families. Being Armaan’s mother birthday on New Year, he enjoyed New Year with his family while Tanisha headed to Kajrat with Kajol, brother-in-law Ajay Devgn and mother Tanuja.

Emotional Tanisha said after the show, "My sister Kajol and the rest of the family was concerned about my decision to go into Bigg Boss. They were naturally protective of me. But they never stopped me from going. I had promised my sister, 'Kads, no matter what happens; I wouldn't lose my dignity in there.' I think I kept my word."

Tanisha missed her family a lot during her stay in the house, "I missed my family so much. And they missed me too. But the one who missed me the most was my niece Nysa. And very honestly, the one member of my family I missed the most was Nysa. She is the first baby of the family in years. She is deeply attached to me, as I am to her. And she was missing her maasi the most."

When asked where she has dumped Armaan for her family, Tanisha resorted, "Who said I've to make this kind of an either-or choice? Why would I be asked to choose? I've been quoted as denying my friendship with Armaan. Why should I deny it when it was there on camera for the world to see. Armaan was hugely supportive in there. I don't feel there is any confusion in my mind over this issue. I was and I am very clear about my thoughts and behaviour. Inside Bigg Boss, I never did anything to provoke public opinion for me. My mother has taught me to respect my opinion. I am very clear about who I am and where I come from. I am an extremely positive person. About the status of my relationship with Armaan, you are a mature intelligent journalist. Please draw your own conclusions."