Poor photo copies of Hollywood creations

As an art form, film making often tends to be influence prone. So it is common having region films influencing Hindi films. Similarly, umpteen numbers of time Hollywood films influenced their Bollywood counterparts in Mumbai. But on account of this aspect of influence, at times film makers tend to make complete mess of it. Consequently, they have managed to churn out poor copies of sheer imitations.

1.  Ugly Aur Pagli
Ugly Aur Pagli
















Deriving its threads of imitation from the Korean flick ‘My Sassy Girl’- Ugly Aur Pagli could do little justice to its classy counterpart. With its lead roles being delineated by Mallika Sherawat &Ranvir Shorey; the flick fell well below average in terms of its class and quality. Moreover the gimmicks of Mallika Sherawat could not even appeal to the average film goers marked by penchant for dance, song and revelry.

2.  Train




Having its train of thought stolen from Hollywood thriller ‘Derailed’; Train of Sidhivinayak Creations could not go much beyond pathetic blend of below average acting, directing and script writing. Just as the glam girl Mallika made mess of herself in Ugly Aur Pagli; ‘Train’ released in 2007 saw Sayali Bhagat’s lack luster performance.

3.  Bichoo


Leon- French & English collaboration happened to be a fabulous piece of creation in all aspects of film making. With the teen ager Natalie Portman matching the potentials of Gary Oldman & Jean Reno; the movie by Luc Besson happened to be a chiseled masterpiece in real sense of the term. But its remade Hindi version directed by Guddu Dhanoa had little to match its original counterpart in terms of class and quality. Lacking in coherence in script and plot; Bichoo’s salvaging feature lay in the acting of Ashish Vidyarthi.

4. The killer
The Killer















Drawing its germs of inspiration from “Colateral”- the Hollywood crime thriller, The Killer of Hashnain Hyderabadwala & Raksha Mistry failed to deliver the necessary punch. While the Bolly trio of Emraan Hashmi, Nisha Kothari and Irfan Khan could hardly match up to the classy delineation of Hollywood trio- the film lost its essential charm on account of loosely crafted plot and  lack of ability in captivating interest.

5.  Daddy Cool
Daddy Cool











The film, which tended to copy the classy British comedy “Death at a Funeral”- failed to create a desirable impact. In fact, the film directed by K Murli Rao lacked in substance, power and imagination. It had nothing to offer in terms of acting, directing or entertaining.