Poonam Pandey performs pole dance for 'Nasha'

Recently Poonam Pandey did a shoot for the promotional song of her upcoming movie “Nasha”. In the erotic item song, Poonam used pole as a prop. With bare minimum and seductive clothing, she looked completely sensuous and gorgeous. The leggy lass adorned a dark colored bikini for this song. The shooting took place in a studio in Mumbai.

The actress performed in water and was quite comfortable. Her face oozed confidence as she elegantly moved her body to the dance number. Poonam is reported to have worked hard on her body and went for a diet for this promotional song and no doubt her effort did show off on her great body.

Later the actress wore a golden saree with bikini blouse at the ‘first look’ of her debut movie. Both the director and the producer of the movie shared the stage with her as she unveiled the first look.  

Poonam is a model turned actress. She was among the top eight contestants for the Gladrags 2010 and was featured in Gladrags calendar in 2011. She also appeared in kingfisher calendar in 2012. The controversial actress posted her sensual and erotic photos on micro blogging sites. She is debuting with movie “Nasha”. She has done a number of bold scenes for this movie. According to Poonam “Nasha” is an adult movie. She said, “Yes, it's an adult film, it's a bold film but the script is very strong. I know people love to watch bold films, but for me, the script matters. The story of this film is great. My family is very happy with my debut film. They are saying it's the right move”. She also said, “There are different types of addiction. This film is also about one type of addiction and is certainly a movie that one will remember in the years to come.”

Poonam reveals that she had many offers from Bollywood. But she chose this particular movie as the story revolved around her character and she wanted to do something different. “I had over a hundred offers till date to act in all kinds of movies. But I chose this film because I wanted to be the heart of the story and not just a part of the script. I did not merely want to be relegated to be a prop on the set and wanted to act properly in the film and this film that Aditya Bhatia is producing promised to be that movie”.