Poonam Pandey's website hacked!

In the past we have heard that a lot of celebrities have fallen prey to e hackers who hack either their email id or their websites. The latest celebrity who was targeted by cyber hackers is actress Poonam Pandey.

Poonam Pandey’s website was hacked on late evening of 26th January and now it reads ‘Pakistan Zindabad’. The website has been hacked by an unknown Pakistani and the unknown person has asked her to raise her voice for Kashmir issue.

The moment Poonam got to know about the hacking, she got alarmed. She raised an alarm on Twitter and asked for help. Poonam twitted, “ALERT! ALERT! HELP HELP ... My Website got Hacked & They have asked to raise Voice for Kashmir :(( wht to do? Plz Help.”

Poonam was scared. She said, “Really upset! & Scared.. My website is Hacked... It says to Raise Voice for Kashmir!... dont know what to do?”

Since the hacker was asking her to raise her voice for the cause of Kashmir, Poonam was shocked and so she filed a complaint with the cyber crime expert.

Poonam Pandey said, “I was shocked to know that someone had hacked my website. I registered a complaint in this regard. I want to know who the hacker is and why he maligned me. It is very stressful and hurting as it's involved a national issue.”

Advocate Prashant Mali, Cyber Law Expert Lawyer will be handling Poonam’s case. He said, “We have filed a complaint of hacking under Sec 66 of the IT Act 2000 with the cyber crime at Bandra police station they are investigating in the matter.”

It is reported that Pakistani hacker with handle “Haxor 99” has hacked model turned actress Poonam’s account. The hacker has further defaced her home page.

The same hacker recently hacked and defaced account of pop singer Daler Mehndi and Canadian singer Raghav Mathur.

The defacement message left by the hacker in all the three cases was “Nothing Delete or Harmed...Rise a Voice for Justice of Kashimr. Patch Your Site.”

Now Poonam will need professional help in patching her website.

Poonam Pandey debuted with ‘Nasha’. The actress has always drawn limelight by putting erotic pictures of her on various networking sites.  ‘Nasha’ was also full of controversy as in the movie Poonam portrayed a teacher who ended up having sexual relation with her student. The poster of the movie drew lots of controversy.