Poonam Pandey’s Shoot Photos Leaked

It is correctly said that with stardom comes tantrums. Limelight-hungry Poonam Pandey was keen on tantalizing her Twitter followers with her nude pictures and raunchy videos to acquire fame. Now, when she has bagged a role in a film called “Nasha”, she is highly protective about her backless and bawdy still images from the film being leaked.

The film is being directed by Amit Saxena and will be produced by Surender Suneja and Aditya Bhatia.

Poonam Pandey is currently shooting for her film in Mahableshwar. A picture from the set of the film has been leaked on the internet. While the shoot was going on a production boy clicked some of her pictures that captured her bare back.

When he spread the pictures among his friends, some unit members complained to the film’s producer regarding the boy. The boy has been taken into task but not before the circulation of the pictures.

The film ‘Nasha’ is being made on a bold subject. She earlier had said in an interview “Yes, it's an adult film, it's a bold film but the script is very strong. I know people love to watch bold films, but for me, the script matters. The story of this film is great. My family is very happy with my debut film. They are saying it's the right move.”

Speaking about choosing this film she said, “I've rejected 30 offers.  But there was something very special about this movie. I have heard several story narrations, but this story was unique. I am sure people have not seen something like this before. My character is extremely interesting.”

She also divulged, “I don't think we will have to face any problem with the censor board. Yes, I agree we have some bold and intense scenes in the film but it should not create any problem.”

Commenting on the film’s subject she said, “There are different types of addiction. This film is also about one type of addiction and is certainly a movie that one will remember in the years to come.”

She revealed, “It's going to change people's mindset. It will change the way people think about Bollywood. It's radically different from the way films are being made here. I would say, it's not a normal story of a-boy-meets-girl-and-they-fall-in-love genre. It's a very different story.”

Poonam Pandey surely looks enthusiastic about the bold subject of her film which will be releasing in 2013.