Poonam Pandey's nude 'Nasha' poster goes viral on net

Poonam has been always an efficient and rather controversial user of the internet based social network medium, when it comes to getting cheap publicity. The sexy lady has tried hard to create ripple and be on news every now and then with her bold dare to bare acts.

The latest was her bathtub performance. Poonam, the 21 year old model turned heads after she posed naked for a magazine. She has shot around 27 calendars in just one year (the year 2011). She made the media go crazy when she said she would strip all her clothes if the Indian Cricket team won the World cup. She did upload her nude photos, which was later revealed to be morphed in Photoshop.

It was not long back when the news of her debut movie made noise. Apparently it was said that the director of the movie Jism Amit Saxena was planning to launch Poonam in his upcoming movie. Finally, the movie has brought out the first sizzling posters. The poster was unveiled in twitter and is a hot topic among Poonam fans.

The movie produced by Surender Suneja and Aditya Bhatia is named Nasha and is already creating curiosity among the followers with the explicit and provocative poster. Supposedly, it is said to be a coming- of - age movie.

The model who is turning into an actress with this debut said, "There are different types of addiction. This film is also about one type of addiction and is certainly a movie that one will remember in the years to come."

She also adds, "I had over a hundred offers till date to act in all kinds of movies. But I chose this film because I wanted to be the heart of the story and not just a part of the script. I did not merely want to be relegated to be a prop on the set and wanted to act properly in the film and this film that Aditya Bhatia is producing promised to be that movie."

When asked more about the movie Poonam remained tight lipped and is reluctant to talk much about it. She said "Wait for the magic to unveil. It will become an addiction for you."

This Kingfisher Calendar girl knows well how to ignite the fire of curiosity and also knows how to keep it burning. She apparently loves to tease her male followers and is doing a good job at that already.