Poonam Pandey lashes out at Bipasha Basu

It seems the strip queen Poonam Pandey has vowed never to lose an opportunity to hijack the media attention. Earlier she publically announced to strip in public if the Indian cricket team went on to win the last edition of the World Cup. Indian team went on to lift the cup but she didn’t keep her word. Now recently she posted her nude pics in Twitter after Kolkata Knight Riders won the IPL season five. Recently she decided to abuse the glamorous tinsel town diva Bipasha Basu to get some free attention.

It all started with Bipasha Basu’s interview that she gave to Times News Network earlier. Bipasha Basu has recently ended her almost decade long relationship with steady boy friend John Abraham. She had to split because the actor was not ready to commit so soon. However, this year John is getting married to Priya Runchal. It seems the actor soon got over his commitment phobia after splitting with Bipasha for the same reason.

Keeping all this in mind, it is easy to understand what she stated in the interview, "Arrey yeh toh ladke hain na aaj-kal, bilkul loser type hote hain. Woh sahara dhoondte rehte hain saare time. Honestly, the quality of men, they are looking only for mothers. And sometimes you don't want to play the mother, it's really exhausting! If any guy even remotely gives me the dukhiyari vibes, I am like no, please don't call me again! "

There was an immediate hue and cry against her demeaning comment against men. Poonam Pandey noticed the opportunity to be back in the limelight. She decided to appear as the savior of the male Homo sapiens species and launched a volley of rude below the belt attacks on Bipasha Basu from her Twitter account. Poonam wrote, "Just cause you chose all the losers in ur life, doesn't mean all men are lukhas."

"If today's "guys are losers," will you settle with a filthy, old rich man? tsk tsk,"

"For an actor who is "unsatisfied" with her career after a decade in Bollywood, clearly, Who is the "loser" here?"

"If you have been "mothering" your men, seriously, I got two words for you. Grow Up!"

"'I'm quite thick skinned,' she says. We already know that, don't we ;-)"

Well, these are the ugliest personal remarks that could have been hurled to a celebrity. Poonam has done it.  

Bipasha on her part clarified that her comment in the interview was not generalized for all men and Tweeted “This is fr all Men! I Love Men! I have max. no. of male friends! Its sad tht I hve to justify this! It ws nt a generalised statement!”