Poonam Pandey’s jokes go vital on twitter

It was not too late when stripping queen Poonam Pandey posed in bra and promised to offer her bra to one of her fans if her favourite team Brazil wins. She has a huge twitter follower and they cracked jokes on the actress and unlike others, Poonam did not mind jokes on her instead she is enjoying all the jokes cracked on her and she is taking out time to read them all.

 Here are few funny tweets on Poonam Pandey

#iHaveAjokeOnPoonamPandey going viral on Twitter.

@iPoonampandey  #iHaveAjokeOnPoonamPandey fOOT ball fever doubled in India as pOOnam started supporting BRAzil

#iHaveAjokeOnPoonamPandey.. God made man and then rested. God made @iPoonampandey  and then no one rested.

#iHaveAjokeOnPoonamPandey don't know where to see while talking
with @iPoonampandey

Only Aloknathji can stare at @iPoonampandey 's eyes.

#iHaveAjokeOnPoonamPandey  during fifa world cup don't know where to concentrate- ball or match!!!!!!

#iHaveAjokeOnPoonamPandey Why her lips look red all the times, Because She keeps asking Paan- De.

#iHaveAjokeOnPoonamPandey but i dont like nonveg on [email protected]

#iHaveAjokeOnPoonamPandey Aloknath wants do kanyadan for @iPoonampandey

Once Ranjnikant said "hi sexy..!!" to a girl.. That girl today is known as Poonam Pandey.