Photo: Poonam Pandey shows her big cleavage

Sexy bombshell Poonam Pandey never missed any opportunity to grab headlines. She has yet again posted a raunchy picture on twitter. She posted two semi-nude pictures of her on twitter page showing her ample cleavage.

The starlet tweeted along with the poster this morning, saying, 'Tweethearts .... have u ever seen ne thing as HOT as this in INDIA.'

For the second one, she went a step ahead, saying,'Tweethearts howz this one .... if its hot retweet. If you think its hotter favorite it ... let me c.'

This is not the first time that Poonam Pandey flaunted her cleavage. In the past too, the sexy gal has showcased her nude body posting several naked pictures.

The picture shows Pooman wearing a skimpy black and white stripes top revealing the most part of her boobs. There is a smoky flow across her eyes and she wore a pink lipstick. She let her hair loose and she looked seductive. Her prime intention was to show her boobs than her face.

Poonam Pandey came into limelight when she declared to go nude if India wins the world cup. India won but she failed to keep her promise.