Poonam Pandey manhandled in Bangalore

Stripping queen Poonam Pandey had a horrific New Year eve. She was chased by several drunken men after her performance. Poonam had been to Bangalore to perform on New Year eve and the it had been a nightmarish experience.

“Never again! Never will I perform at a New Year’s Eve celebration. It’s much too dangerous,” says Poonam who described the situation as her biggest nightmare.

Narrating the traumatic experience Poonam says, “I agreed to perform in Bangalore because the money was too tempting. They offered me a bomb. How was I to know what the evening had in store for me?”

She hardly performed 10 minutes and the male crowd got wildly mad.

“They were all male and they were all drunk. I had 15-20 of my own bouncers and the organizers had provided about a 100 guards. But it wasn’t enough,” says Poonam.

As soon as her performance ended, all the drunken men broke the cordon separating the stage from the audience and tried to get hold of Poonam.

Says Poonam, “I realized that evening that no amount of bouncers and bodyguards can protect you from a drunken mob. The men who jumped on to the stage had only one thing on their mind. And they were not thinking with their minds. They were thinking with another part of the anatomy.”

Poonam gets goosebumps while remembering the situation. She run away fast from them but they cased her to her room. “I’ve never run so fast in my life. I am sure I gave Milkha Singh a run for his money. I ran upstairs all the way to my room. So there I was, running into my room with the mob in hot pursuit and the bodyguards and bouncers chasing them. It’d have been comic if it wasn’t so scary.”

Poonam has vowed never to perform at a New Year’s Eve. “Believe me, it is just not right. There are only men and they are all drunk. I’d advice all female celebrities to avoid dancing for New Year’s celebrations. No amount of money is worth your Izzat and your life. I’ve never been more scared in my life. Never again!”