Poonam Pandey lashes out at Sunny Leone

As stripping queen Poonam Pandey’s debut venture ‘Nasha’ hit the theatres worldwide, controversy hits her. Her dare-bare poster has been torn in many places of India following the order of few politicians and on the other hand, lots of speculations erupt that the movie might be banned due to cheap publicity and the bold content of the movie. Following the controversy, Poonam is depressed and it hurt her sentiments.

She is irked by the fact that industry has openly welcomed the porn star Sunny Leone from abroad but frowning at their own daughter.

"This has hurt me. I don't normally allow myself to get affected. But I never expected I'd be targeted this way for my first film. It has made me nervous. I knew I wouldn't be welcomed with open arms into cinema. I've no godfather, no support from the industry. But I didn't expect to be welcomed in this way. What have I done that is so scandalous?" said Poonam.

"I don`t think I`ve ever crossed limits. I`ve always said more than I`ve done. I`ve seen so many posters and hoardings that are far more suggestive than mine. My posters have nothing scandalous in them. I haven`t shown my private parts."

"People in this country give so much respect to a hardcore porn actress from abroad. Whereas I have never done anything that can be considered pornographic. I have never crossed limits. `Nasha` is not a porn film. It`s a proper mainstream Hindi film. Of course, since I star in it, there`s skin show. But that apart, there is a lot to take away from the film."

Poonam Pandey feels targeted.

"Why me? I just feel some elements are trying to cash in on my popularity.

"What you see and read of me on the internet is what I am. It isn`t as if me and my team sat down and scripted an entirely different Poonam Pandey for the public. It isn`t as if I become a different person at home. To my parent`s dismay, I am the same at home and in public."

"My parents don`t like the way I conduct myself. Though I`ve been born and brought up in Mumbai, we`re from a conservative Brahmin family. My behaviour is quite shocking to my family. Lekin main kya karoon? This is the way I am."

She is quite active on microblogging site Twitter as she wants a direct connect with people.

"But as far as Twitter is concerned, I deal with all the questions, controversies and crises all by myself. I like to stay connected to the world on Twitter. It helps me find out what people are saying about me."

Poonam Pandey came to limelight when she vowed to strip for team India if India wins the world cup. Overnight she became one of most search people on net. She is a publicity queen.

Recalling her beginning, Poonam laughed: "That was quite something. I never expected to get so much attention for it. That incident brought me into the limelight. But it went out of hand. I had 20-25 criminal cases against me. It took me a huge amount of effort to extricate myself from all the trouble. But you know what? It was worth it. That one incident got me more attention than I ever imagined."

Poonam says some dislikes her and some likes her but she has no complaint.  

"There are some people who like to attack me constantly. But it`s okay. It`s their way of getting attention. Most people on the internet love me and my pictures. Life is more or less fine. There are some spoilsports."

And she openly admits that she enjoys publicity for all causes no matter it is good or bad.

"For me, all publicity is good publicity. Unfortunately, my parents don`t agree. They don`t approve of the things I say and do. They are embarrassed by my image. Every day when I go home after work, I wonder if they`ve seen or read something more about me that has upset them. It`s a constant conflict. But they`ve now come to terms with what I am."

Poonam says her family has given up on her.

"They know, `yeh ladki sudhregi nahin`. You know what? I enjoy all the controversies. I love being in the news. I take everything positively."