Poonam Pandey gets boob job done

Aspiring model Poonam Pandey recently gets boob job done anticipating her entry into ‘Bigg Boss 5’. In the recent video that Poonam has launched in her website clearly shows that she has enhanced her boobs to grab attention.

Poonam is expected to enter into ‘Bigg Boss 5’ house and following this anticipation she has undergone silicone implants.

A renowned cosmetic surgeon confirmed Poonam’s surgery and said, “Poonam Pandey recently went through a buttock lift and breast augmentation. It is a must for every woman, who is associated with the glamour world to get that X factor in her.”

‘Bigg Boss 5’ contestants Shraddha Sharma also gone under the knife before and after getting a call from the channel for the reality show ‘Bigg Boss 5’, she has undergone silicone implants to enhance her breast.