Poonam Pandey finds comparison with Sunny Leone silly

Poonam Pandey, the hot new star in Bollywood is all ready to debut with her film NashaThe film is produced by Eagle Home entertainment and One Line Cinema and is directed by Amit Saxena. It is a bold film dealing with coming of age where an 18 year old boy falls in love with an older woman. He cannot have the woman and his love turns to obsession. There are expected to be more than one hot scene in the movie featuring Poonam Pandey. The early trailers of the film have been released and it has got very positive response from the audience.

While Poonam is excited about the film which is scheduled to be released on 26th July, she did not like the comparisons with the porn star Sunny Leone at all. On being asked about her feelings about being compared to Sunny, the actress said, "I read many such stories, but I can't stop anyone from comparing me to people. If they want to compare me I hardly care."

"It sounds silly to compare me with Sunny. I am not here to compete with anyone. I am going my own way. I don't like to be compared and I don't think anyone can be compared to me," said Poonam.

The favorite actresses of the debut star include Rekha, Madhuri and Kajol. "In future, I would like to compare myself with these actresses," added Poonam.

In the meantime, a hot leaked MMS featuring Poonam has been making the rounds and creating a lot of interest about the film. But Poonam denied that she had leaked the MMS as a publicity stunt. The MMS showed a clipping of her bathing. Ponam said, "I'm upset that the MMS has been given out without my consent. I wasn't convinced about this promotional idea, and so had vetoed it. But I think there are other strategies to be used to keep the momentum going." However, the producer, Aditya Bhatia said, "Nasha is a bold film. Naturally, we have to retain the bold quotient in our promotions. I have cast Poonam Pandey for explicit content. That's the image she has. We can't be showing her as a Sati Savitri when she's playing a bold role. And don't forget, we have to deliver what Poonam's fans expect." Doubtless it is this MMS which has added fire to the speculation that Poonam is like Sunny Leone – a comparison she does not like.