Pooja Mishra slams Sonakshi Sinha for leak 'slap' video

Model Pooja Mishra is making all effort to remain in the limelight. After Rakhi Sawant and Poonam Pandey, Pooja is next in the row to create hungama in the public to grab attention and remain in the limelight. Two days back, a video of Pooja assaulting and slapping a hotel staff went viral on net.  She banged the phone of the hotel staff on the ground, abused and slapped him.

The incident took place on September 12 when Pooja Mishra walking out of The Taj, Dwarka, New Delhi. A hotel staff stopped her way as she was leaving the hotel without settling the bill. She assaulted the staff when he tried to stop her. In the video, she is seen shouting abuses at the man and slapping him. She also says, "How dare you try to touch me and my bag?"

In a video which she uploaded on Facebook, Pooja blames the news channels for airing the video, "Be wary that you are tampering with something that can cost you over Rs 1000 crore when you are slammed with a defamation case."

She had a message for the uploader(s) of the video too: "All I want to tell you is that it's a sad attempt at distracting  me." She also termed them as cowards and asked, "Who put you in the judge's chair?"

In a separate post, Pooja also slammed and abused Sonakshi Sinha, "Y Sonakshi Sinha cud not fathom the truth.. Thus leaked a video of a case that's under subjudice along with ur partner Narang? All this worked 5 years back when u did black magic on me to usurp debang. Now it will not work for a second! Ur insecurity is for all to see! I will post this article every day for the rest of the month.. Until the next one comes out!so that everyone can see what u really are! All those agree pls share this article!

In the past too, Pooja Mishra blamed Sonakshi and her mother for doing black magic on her but the Sinha family did not comment on the issue.