Pooja Bhatt wins ‘Rog’ obscenity case after eight years

Actress and filmmaker Rogng>Pooja Bhatt won the long pending obscenity case for her film, ‘Rog’ filed in 2005. The Bombay High Court dismissed the obscenity case filed against her by social activist Vinod Jain.

Highly thrilled Pooja Bhatt took to twitter to break the news,“Divine Justice-in the form of a high court hearing in my favor for an obscenity case against my film 'ROG. Fought this for 8 long years! (sic),” she wrote on the micro-blogging site.

“Had I chickened out and settled out of court as most people in entertainment are prone to do, it would have resulted in more such cases (sic),” she asserted. 

“Each one to their own in the film Industry. But the ones who stick their necks out for the larger cause pave the road for the fence sitters,” she concluded.

In January 2005, Pooja Bhatt was booked for using skimpily-clad poster of South African model Elina Hamman, for promoting Rog’.

Pooja moved to the Bombay High Court on Nov 22 where the complaint by Jain has been disposed off.

"In the light of this situation, the prosecution initiated against the applicants by the complainant more leans to publicity stunt than any obscene feeling," Justice K.U Chandiwal observed while passing the order.