Pooja Bhatt in hunt for a good cabaret dancer

After presenting Sunny Leone to the Indian public, actress – director Pooja Bhatt is now busy with her next film Cabaret. As the name suggests, the film will deal with the shadowy world of cabaret dance and item numbers. Expressing her confidence and excitement about the film, Pooja Bhatt said,  “There is so much ‘hoo haa’ about item songs, so it would be fun to redo the item numbers. I also feel that the genre of item number has been over used and abused. I want to show the heartland of India’s cabaret like never seen before. I really want to do a spin on that. I might shoot Cabaret in 3D. Cabaret is a musical where there is a cabaret dancer and a man who comes from the crime world. These two worlds collide and that’s the kind of the act that we have planned. Cabaret is going to be a visual treat and it’s going to be spectacular. That is something that people now expect from my movie.”

Bhatt has already chosen her leading man. It is going to be Randeep Hooda from Jism 2. Just as father Mahesh Bhatt has decided to stick with Emran Hashmi, Pooja wants Randeep. She said, “Yes, I believe in Randeep. I’d like him to be part of every film I make. Unlike Jism 2 where he was one of the two male leads, in Cabaret Randeep plays the solo hero this time.”

However, it is the leading lady who is proving to be a tad too elusive. The story revolves round the relationship of an honest cop with a cabaret dancer. So, Pooja wanted someone with a flair for dancing. She said, “Helenji with her ingrained dancers’ dexterity would be my ideal cabaret girl. I am looking for someone who could match her grace. Can we turn back the clock so that Helenji can do my film? The leading lady in Cabaret is an exotic cabaret dancer. Mind you, she isn’t an ‘item girl’. I find that terminology rather offensive.”

Pooja has set quite a high bar of requirement, saying "I am looking for the 'next big thing' - someone who is not only drop-dead gorgeous and a great dancer, but can also essay a nuanced role with aplomb." Once the part is finalized, the girl will have to undergo intense training in cabaret dance before the film can be shot.