Pooja Bedi drives to Goa with her fiancée Maneck Contractor, under home quarantine

Pooja Bedi has driven to Goa with herfiancée Maneck Contractor. She has been in the middle of controversy for sharing her bad experience of staying in a quarantine center after reaching Goa.

She shared a video claiming ‘it is much more of a risk getting contaminated in a place like this than a home that we come from’.

Now, Pooja has shared a new video and reacted back to those who slammed her ,“I love Goa! its my home too! I refuse to be a soft target for embittered, jealous, fearful & narrow minded people. They should know facts... before they attack.!!!” she wrote on Instagram.

In the video, Pooja says, “Clearly, I am in the eye of a storm with all my tweets regarding my journey from Mumbai to Goa and the appalling quarantine facilities that we were subjected to. I would like to start by stating we did everything as good, law-abiding citizens. We applied to the Goa government online and uploaded all our documents, which include the fact that my fiancé Maneck Contractor is Goan. What that means is that his voter ID, Aadhaar card and his passport are registered to Goa. The homes that we possess and our properties are registered in Goa and our businesses are also registered in Goa. Goa is our home. We then also got permission from the DGP to travel through the state of Maharashtra, which we had to apply for. In addition, we also had a screening certificate in hand, which was mandatory to state that we were not symptomatic of the coronavirus.”

“We arrived in Goa, at the border, at around 7 pm. We were kept there till about 9.30 pm and I must say that the Goa Police was extremely nice, very courteous and kind, doing their job. It’s not their fault that the screening facility they took us to at Asilo in Mapusa was really unsanitised. The fact that we waited two hours in line like good citizens, no favours asked… We were taken there by police escort, once again, no favours asked, to the Calangute Residency Annexe - that’s like a quarantine facility - where we were kept with a police person not to protect us but to protect all of Goa against the outsiders that could come and infect them,” she added.

Pooja pointed out that the video of the quarantine facility shared by her is proof of the poor condition of the quarantine center and the  Goans should be outraged.

“I can’t understand why the Goans are outraged about the fact that I spoke about the state of the facility, because it is in the interest of Goa that the facility be kept safe and sanitised. Coronavirus will come on the backs of people. It doesn’t look to see whether you are Goan or non-Goan. It is not the outsiders that are bringing the coronavirus in. It could be anybody, even a package or a delivery system. The virus does not discriminate. I would really like to tell every single person out there who is watching this video that we have become such a divisive, cruel, fearful, negative society that we view everything with such suspicion, disdain and incredible fierce psychosis. We have forgotten how to be human,” she said.