Police stopped Priyanka's loud party

Police dropped into Priyanka Chopra’s residence in Versova and took action for playing music too loudly. Complaint has been lodged against the actress for playing music with full volume till the wee hours in the morning. DJ, Raja Basir was asked to pay fine of Rs 5,000 for violating anti-noise pollution norms.

When the police went inside the residence, music was running in full volume and they immediately asked Priyanka Chopra to stop the music as it was causing disturbance to the vicinity.  DJ Basir was taken to the police station and was released after paying fine.

Senior inspector Suresh Nalavade said: "When we went to the actor's house, the music was so loud, we had to take action.'' Action taken against the organiser after the police received a complaint at around 2:30 am.