Police complaint against Ram Gopal Varma over Ganesha tweets

Filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma continues to be in the eye of the storm over his controversial tweets on Lord Ganesha. A day after a complaint was filed against the outspoken director for hurting religious sentiments, another complaint was lodged against him with the police. A local BJP leader named Gopal filed complaint at the Shahinayathgunj Police Station against Varma over his twitter comments.

Station House Officer (SHO) P Sattaiah said, "We will seek legal opinion before proceeding on the complaint."  A day before advocate K Karunasagar had filed complaint against RGV at Saroornagar police station. He was booked under Sections 153-A (promoting enmity between different religious groups) and other sections.

Last Friday on the eve of Ganeshotsav in Maharashtra, Ram Gopal Varma had posted a series of tweets making fun of lord Ganesha and his devotees. Some of the tweets are as followed:

“The guy who couldn't save his own head from being cut, how he will save others heads is my question? But Happy Ganpathi day to morons!”…

“Can someone explain how someone can cut off a child's head who was just trying to protect his mother's modesty? Am sure devotees know better”…

“I would really love to know from Lord Ganesha's devotees a list of what obstacles he removed in all the years they prayed to him.”…

“I think my films are flopping only becos of my attitude towards Gods. ..I wish I can become a devotee.”

His tweets attracted a storm of criticism from all over the country. Political and social activists filed police complaints against him. Organizations such as the Vishwa Hindu Parishad have heavily criticized the comments and have demanded an apology from Varma.

Police authorities of the state have said they will be seeking legal opinion before they take any action. Sensing the mood, Ram Gopal Varma apologized with a tweet on Saturday. He wrote, “All tweets I put on Ganesha were in my usual manner but unintended by me to hurt anyone’s sentiments… but if they did I sincerely apologise.”

Later while talking to the media, the 52 year old director said that he likes to express the way he is feeling and that is how he is. He said, I am anti-anything I don’t agree with and I am not attacking anything or anyone other than just expressing my opinions which I have a right to do like anyone else in a free democratic country.”