Police complaint against ‘Bigg Boss 10’ winner Manveer Gujar

Bigg Boss 10’ winner Manveer Gujar has been hounded by controversies ever since the show’s season came to an end after the grand finale on Sunday (Jan 29).

First, a video surfaced which showed Manveer as a groom and a picture of him with his bride circulated. Then came a report that he is a father of a 5-year-old girl. Then another couple of videos were uploaded which showed him using profane language, and being unapologetic about hiding his marital status. As he reached his hometown in Noida, there was a huge ruckus which caused an injury to him. And now, Manveer has also got into legal trouble.  

Noida police has filed a case on Manveer under IPC section 341 (Punishment for wrongful restraint), a report in Bollywood Life stated citing its source. Reportedly, close friends of the ‘Bigg Boss 10’ winner organised a felicitation programme at park in sector 46, Noida. A permission for 40 vehicles to be there at the venue was taken from the police. But the commotion caused at the park was unimaginably bigger than what anyone, especially the police, had expected.

The report mentioned its source saying that over 1000 vehicles ended up being at the venue, and the huge traffic jam caused was a tough job for the cops to handle. And eventually, a case was filed on Manveer.

However, there’s nothing to be worried about for the fans of Manveer as he won’t be arrested under this section. Manveer will only be called for inquiry and will be asked a few questions. The punishment under section 341 ranges from one month of imprisonment or a fine of Rs. 500, or both.