Police arrest two suspects in Saif's office robbery case

A rather daring robbery was reported at the Production house of actor Saif Ali Khan. Some renovations were going on for about two months in the Illuminati Films – the production house of the actor. For this purpose, several furniture including air conditioners were removed and stored at the godown of the actor’s house. They were later brought back and reinstalled. It was only then that manager Nazia Ali Khan noticed the absence of not one or two but eleven split air conditioners. It was rather surprising how such a large scale thefy went unnoticed for such a length of time! still, when the theft was discovered, an FIR was lodged at the Khar police station as the Production house is located on the Khar Road.

Though the theft took two months to be noticed and reported, the police proved to be very active and they soon took charge of the case. It stood to reason that it will be difficult, if not impossible for outsiders to walk off with eleven split air conditioners. So, the police zeroed in on the employees, all of whom were questioned in connection with the robbery. Finally, the police identified two employees as the likely suspect. Both were interrogated at length and they finally confessed to the crime.

An officer of the Khar police station said, , “We picked up the employees on the same day and began interrogating them one by one. After questioning many of them, we zeroed in on two. And upon their sustained interrogation, the duo confessed to the crime.” The two who were finally arrested for the robbery are Shubhash Sahu and Shamin Solanki who had worked at the Production house for the last five years. Both confessed that they committed the crime as they were facing severe financial stress. Sahu lives in Grant Road while Solanki lives in Juhu. One of them needed the money for the wedding of his younger sister.

Inspector C D Mello of Khar police station said, “The accused have been charged under sections 381 (theft by clerk or servant of property in possession of master) and 34 (common intention) of the Indian Penal Code. They were produced in the Bandra metropolitan magistrate court and remanded in police custody till February 18. We are yet to make recovery of the stolen items. Investigations are on to find out who bought the ACs.”