Please Stay Safe, Amitabh Bachchan recites poem on coronavirus

On Thursday, megastar Amitabh Bachchan shared a video in which he shared his views of coronavirus. He recites a poem on tackling coronavirus on his mother tongue-Awadhi. He asked his followers to take precautions and stay safe.

Amitabh wrote, “Concerned about the COVID 19 .. just doodled some lines .. in verse .. please stay safe ,” as he shared the video. In the video, he is heard saying, “Bahutere ilaaj batawein jan manas sab, kekar sunein, kekar naahi kaun bataye e sab? Keyo kahis kalaunji piso, keyo anwla ras, keyo kahas ghar ma baitho hilo na tas se mas. Eer kahin au beer kaheen ki aisa kuch bhi karona bin sabun se haath dhoi ke kehu ke bhaiya chuo na. Hum kaha chalo hum bhi kar det hain jaisan bolein sab aawaye deo carona farona thengua dekhaub tab. (People are suggesting so many cures and treatments, whom should we listen to? One suggests we should use kalonji while another suggests we should stay at home. Many suggest one should not touch anyone without washing hands with soap and water. I thought I must also do as everyone suggests.).”

Amitabh also shared the poem on his blog. However, he did not translate it and wrote, “Unfortunately those that are Hindi and Awadhi challenged, shall be dis advantaged .. but then the flavour of the moment is lost, if succumbed by translation .... there is more to be said and thought about .. on lines similar to the ones above .. WHO and UNICEF have also asked me to send out video messages, which I did .. but they are more formal .. this in Awadhi was my own doing .. one is never too far away from their Mother tongue .. ! stay safe , stay alert , stay .. my love ..” 

He also shared pictures as he prepared for the UNICEF project. “Getting set to advocate the preventions necessary about CoVID 19 , ... this is for UNICEF, and the Health Ministry of GOI .. the message should be out soon .. Be safe .. be careful,” he wrote as he shared pictures.