‘PK’ plagiarized from ‘Farishta’, claims author

<PK>The box office performance of ‘PK’ has written a success story for itself. However, now claims are being made by an author that he penned a novel, which was adapted into ‘PK’. ‘PK’ and controversies go hand in hand. First the movie and its makers were accused of hurting the sentiments of individuals who practice Hinduism. Now, an author named Kapil Isapuri claims that ‘Farishta’, his novel released in 2013 has been used ingeniously to form the basis of ‘PK’.

Kapil Isapuri is a Hindi novelist, who claims that he watched ‘PK’ on the 1st of January and noticed the blatant similarities. He further elaborates, that “primary concepts such as criticism of god-men and professions of religions are common between ‘Farishta’ and PK”. Whether or not this is just an unfortunate coincidence, or if the movie has actually been adapted from the novel will soon become clear. Since, Kapil Isapuri has filed a plea in Delhi High Court with the assistance of an advocate named Jyotika Kalra. The author desires to be compensated by the makers of the film, namely director Vidhu Vinod Chopra, producer Raj Kumar Hirani and scriptwriter Abhijat Joshi. He has demanded Rs. 1 crore as compensation. He also voiced his desire to restrain the makers as they allegedly plagiarized ‘PK’.

Earlier the initial poster of ‘PK’ had sparked controversy. After which, a few political parties targeted the film and its makers, and wanted screening to be banned. Ramdev Baba wanted a social boycott, so that the controversy could be put to an end. Several FIRs were lodged against the makers, which were to no avail. The bench that passed the judgment admitted that there is nothing hurtful about this film and it does not target any religion.  ‘PK’ was released and was showcased throughout the world. It even went on to break certain records and establish completely new ones.    

Regardless of the type of publicity, ‘PK’ continues to be the center of attention. The claims made by this author will be proved right or wrong in due time, but for now ‘PK’ has again received free and extensive publicity. Chances are that its performance at the Box Office will see more improvement over the next few days. Other movies have come and gone but the grip of ‘PK’ on the audience has remained steady. Hence, it will be interesting to see what the future holds for this Aamir Khan and Anushka Sharma starrer.