‘PK’ grosses Rs 620 globally

<PK>Rajkumar Hirani’s directorial masterpiece ‘PK’ grossed Rs. 620 crore globally. This Aamir and Anushka starrer has broken numerous records. The success of ‘PK’ goes to show what the fine duo of Rajkumar Hirani and Aamir Khan are capable of achieving. ‘PK’ has broken several records but the most noteworthy among them is that ‘PK’ is the highest grossing Bollywood movie of all time.

Its domestic collection after the 3rd week stands at Rs. 467 crore and in international markets this movie has earned Rs. 153 crore. Aamir’s last release was ‘Dhoom 3’ which also achieved blockbuster status after successfully earning Rs. 542 crore globally. It is now evident that Mr. Perfectionist of Bollywood has broken his own record with this movie. However, in international markets ‘Dhoom 3’ had earned Rs. 170 crore. PK is yet to break this record. Speculations are rife that the film is likely to gross more both in India and the world over.

Bollywood’s success both in the nation and internationally have been redefined by the success of ‘PK’. ‘Dhoom 3’, ‘Happy New Year’, ‘Chennai Express’ and ‘3 Idiots’ all fared exceptionally well at the box office. But, ‘PK’ more than manages to surpass the success of these movies. The prestigious achievements of ‘PK’ include the collection of Rs. 100 crore within 3 days of release. Territory records in East Punjab, Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Mysore, Central India and Mumbai were also broken by ‘PK’. For the time being ‘PK’ is even being considered as Aamir’s magnum opus.

Despite all the controversies that surrounded ‘PK’ before and after its release, they seemed to have had no effect on the film’s business. For a while the PIL against ‘PK’ and FIR against actor and director did threaten to dampen the performance of this movie. It is a relief for the producers, director, actors and also for Bollywood that controversies could not compromise the film’s performance. The PIL was ruled out and the bench found absolutely nothing offensive about the film.

Critics have thoroughly enjoyed the movie giving it exceptional ratings. Social Media is also abuzz with reviews and reactions by audiences. ‘PK’ is a rare instance where film critics and audiences agree with one another. The movie has written a success saga for itself. The earnings of ‘3 Idiots’ were surpassed by ‘Dhoom 3’; similarly the earning of ‘Dhoom 3’ was surpassed by ‘PK’. It would definitely be interesting to see if this trend continues with Aamir Khan’s next.