PK fourth poster: Aamir, Sanjay dressed as the ‘Bandwalas

<PK>As promised earlier by Aamir Khan, the unique poster promotion of his film ‘PK’ continues. The third motion poster from the film was released a few days back. The poster featured Aamir in a police uniform and Sanjay Dutt in a ‘bandwalah’ uniform. Now, a fourth still poster from the film has also been released on Twitter. In the latest poster Aamir and Sanjay are seen together, wearing matching ‘bandwalah’ dresses, sunglasses and playing the horn. Aamir introduced the character of Sanjay Dutt by posting, “Humra phiren... Ouka naam hai Bhairao, lekin hum ouka bulawat hai Bhaaya...”

Till now, the promotional strategy involving interesting posters have been very successful as the interest about the film and its plot continues to grow. Before the release of the film on 19th December, at least 6 more posters are expected to come out. Now that Sanjay Dutt has been seen on the posters, people will be eager to see the rest of the actors featured as well. The film also stars Ansuhka Sharma, Sushant Singh Rajpoot and Boman Irani.  With still around two and a half months to go before its release, ‘PK’ is one of the most anticipated films in recent years. As per reports the satellite rights of the film has been sold for a huge sum of 85 crores. Also the makers have estimated a domestic business of Rs 300 crores. 

During the launch of the second poster, Aamir had revealed the idea behind such posters. He had said, "Normally, films promos are launched first but we have decided to launch a series of posters with 'PK'. Every two to three weeks, there will be a new poster which will be introduced. We will have a poster campaign...We will release eight to ten posters till the time the film is released."

While the first poster featuring a nude Aamir Khan, created controversy, it has died down with the release of the other posters that are interesting but not controversial. However Aamir had strongly defended the first poster and the vision of him and director Rajkumar Hirani for the poster, "Neither Raju Hirani or I tried to sensationalise things. There is no rebellion. Also moral policing should not be for anyone. But we should respect sentiments. I don't think people who were hurt should not object, but they will agree when they see the movie that it was necessary. But I feel moral policing is not good."