PIL in Gujarat seeks ban on ‘Ram Leela’

‘Ram-Leela’ is all slated to release on 15th November. Before its release, the movie is facing ban from several states. In a fresh controversy, PIL Gujarat seeks a ban on the release of the movie on the basis of misrepresentation of two clans of Rajput community in Gujarat.

A PIL (Public Interest Litigation) was filed in Gujarat High Court by Petitioner Siddhrajsinh Mahavirsinh Chudasama (32) who is from the “Darbar” community.  He has alleged that his community has been “misrepresented” in the movie. “Darbar’ is a caste of Rajput community which is further divided into many sub castes such as Zala, Jadeja, Gohil, Rana, Vada, Chudasama, Parmar, Sodha, Vaja, Rathore, Chauhan and Vaghela among others.

The petitioner has blamed producer Kishore Lulla and director Sanjay Leela Bhansali for exercising “totally insensitive approach not only to the Darbar community but the Hindu religion as a whole”. According to the petitioner, the movie “hurts the sentiments of Hindus” and promotes “vulgarity”. So, he has requested for a ban on the movie ‘Ram-Leela’ in Gujarat.

The petitioner has said that the movie displayed enmity between the Darbar and the Rabari communities continuing for the last 500 years. It also showed that a daughter of the Jadeja family (Darbar) is having an affair with a boy from the Rabari community. The girl’s character is played by Deepika Padukone and the boy’s character is played by Ranveer Singh. “Vulgar scenes”, “intimate scenes” and “abusive language” have been allegedly used in the movie by the female lead, which has “hurt” the “sentiments” of “female Darbar tradition”.

The petitioner further said that “Darbar” and “Rabari” are different communities and that each has a respectable position in the society. Such a movie may instigate the sentiments of both the communities leading to fights between them. He said that releasing such a movie will mean fanning violent situations between the two communities in Gujarat. The violent situation will prove detrimental for the law and order of the state

Before this petition, another PIL was filed in New Delhi by NGO Rashtravadi Shiv Sena which filed the plea that the title of the movie be changed as it hurt the sentiments of people. However, the plea was dismissed by a division bench of Chief Justice N.V. Ramana and Justice Manmohan and he petitioner was even asked to pay a fine of Rs.50000.