Piggy back ride to Imran by Deepika

Hot Deepika Padukone and sweet Imran Khan have been getting along really well since Day 1 of their shoot for the upcoming venture of Kunal Kohli ‘Break Ke Baad’. Their good chemistry is more than visible in the picture where Deepika gives Imran a nice piggy back ride posted in their respective twitter accounts.

Sources disclosed that these two are great as costars and are always seen enjoying every bit of working together for director-producer Kunal Kohli’s ‘Break Ke Baad’. Interestingly, after her shooting Deepika is supposedly also seen hanging around with Imran’s fiancée Avantika in Delhi.

Even after concluding the Delhi schedule of ‘Break Ke Baad’, both the stars were seen happily hanging out together. The recent picture on twitter shows the two of them enjoying each others company. Indecently it was a shot from a scene in ‘Break Ke Baad’ where Imran was supposed to carry Deepika on his back. However, she did better than him, as Deepika with ease lifted Imran instead on her back.

Deepika and Imran posted this picture to let their fans know that they also belong to their own world, despite their stiff competition as costars.