Photos: Aamir returns to Mumbai post shoulder injury

Aamir Khan was snapped at Mumbai airport returning to Mumbai from Ludhiana after he sustained a major shoulder injury while shooting for his forthcoming film, ‘Dangal’. The shooting of ‘Dangal’ was put on hold owing to Aamir’s injury.

Aamir Khan injured himself on the film set and was advised bed rest for couple of weeks. Paparazzi captured heavy weight Aamir walking out of the airport in white shirt. The perfectionist informed his fans on Twitter that the injury was not major and that he would be return to shoot after few days of rest.

He tweeted#Hey guys its not such a major injury. My back muscle has gone into a spasm. A week of rest and I will be back on shoot.

The actor, who is playing the role of wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat in ‘Dangal’, hurt his shoulder during a long action sequence. Aamir's spokesperson had been quoted by Mumbai Mirror as saying, "Aamir had been filming a long action sequence that required multiple takes from different angles. When he slumped during the final take, the unit thought he had pulled a muscle. He was in excruciating pain even after half an hour of rest and ice packs. He couldn't even stand up. He was then rushed to the hospital where it was diagnosed that he had suffered a serious shoulder injury."

His wife Kiran Rao and son Azad was by his side in Ludhiana when he hurts his shoulder.

At present, Aamir Khan weighs 98 kg and his wife Kiran once said that she is concerned about Aamir’s health.

Nitesh Tiwari, directed movie based on noted wrestler Mahabir Phogat is currently under production and will hit the screens on Christmas next year.
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