Photo alert: Salman Khan in ‘Bigg Boss 10’ house in Lonavala

Every season, the main attarction of the ‘Bigg Boss’ is the Bigg Boss house.  It is cozy, attractive and intact with modern amenities.  Every time the makers add new angle to the house. As always, a huge mansion was constructed in Lonavala.

Salman Khan headed to Lonavala to rehearse his part and he shared pictures of  the show set. The superstar is seen moving around the house and looking it its various sides.

Salman Khan will be shooting only in the weekends, Saturdays and Sundays. Salman will have a mini house in Lonavala for weekend shoot. Though it would have a kitchen also, he will pack food from home being cooked by his mom Salma Khan. His small house will also have a verandah and a gym.  He also insists for an enclosure for his dogs.

Few months back, the promo of the show went air and the actor was dressed like an astronaut.

Salman’s favourite designer Ashley Rebello has designed his space suit. "Salman was really kicked about it because no one has attempted to play an astronaut in Bollywood before," informs a source from the show's set.

In the promo, Salman is seen talking about how history will be recreated in the ‘Bigg Boss’ house as this time common men and women would participate for the first time on the show.

Salman says: "Jab chand par dikha insaan pehli baar ya ande se nikli murgi pehli baar, create hus itihaas. Ab aam public aa rahi hai pehli baar in Bigg Boss to create history but kya hoga that is the mystery. Bigg Boss season 10 with comman women and men."

A source said “Salman will be in the avatar of a common man. No horns, airline props whatever. He will be asking various people right from a milkman, rickshaw-wala, housewife, working professional as to whom do they want to see inside the house. The superstar will also be in a casual look.” Yes, stakes are already running high for the fact that the latest season will be targetted at the common man, with participation of people from all walks of life.”

The ‘Bigg Boss’ shoot will continue for over four months.
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