Photo alert: Bani J’s topless picture goes viral!

Bani J, who is currently locked in the ‘Bigg Boss 10’ house is making lots of buzz outside. Least does Bani knows her topless picture from the past is doing all round the net.

The picture shows Bani J wearing an ethnic long skirt decked with junk jewellery around her neck. She is topless but her long tresses covers her private parts.

Inside the Bigg Boss house, Bani is playing safe. She is quite and doesn't interfere much in other’s business.

Bani first particpated in MTV’s Roadies where she ended up becoming the second runner up. Later she became a VJ and hosted other seasons of Roadies. She decided to particpate in ‘Bigg Boss 10’on the request of her friend and ‘Bigg Boss 7’ winner Gauahar Khan.

Bani made headlines when she opened up about how she was shamed for having a mascular physique and she gave a befitting reply to her haers. She took to her social media account and had a long post on her body shaming.

She wrote, “I have drool-worthy abs and a muscular body by choice, and that has put me at the receiving end of so much body shaming, it’s unbelievable. India puts too much emphasis on a certain kind of a body. For a woman, thin is supposed to be good, and if there’s any deviation — too thin, too fat, or muscular (manly, they call it!) – she hears no end about it.

For most people, body shaming begins when they are really young. I have a teenage friend, and I hear her father call her fat, fatso and similar names. He says them with love, but why? Your family is your support system, your first shield against the world, and if they begin to chip at your self-esteem and confidence like this, then who is there to support you?”

"Kuch tho tog kahenge, logo ka kaam hai kehna". Here's wishing Bani J all her best for her Bigg Boss journey.