Phir se phas gayi Kareena!

Kareena KapoorKareena Kapoor, granddaughter of showman, Raj Kapoor, has always been in news for one reason or another. Whether it’s a glitch with Bipasha Basu from Ajnabee days or a problem with Amisha Patel. These controversies have always pulled her into the limelight of the sly media. When asked why she is always involved in a controversy, she replies
with poise, “Maybe it is because of my spunk. I come across as very brash and confident.”

Kareena’s statements addressing Amisha Patel have been rude in her past interviews. She claims that she has not made any nasty statements against Amisha Patel but has tried to “make peace” between them by calling “her up after Gadar” and “Even at one of the award function I went up to her and said hello.” But she quickly adds, “her mother has been bitching about me to all and sundry. She's been going around saying that who does Kareena Kapoor think she is. She has given only flops. She'll never make it.” She adds that like Amisha Patel, she doesn’t want to be mediocre in hit films and that she’d rather be brilliant in flop movies. The cold war between the two actresses has been going on since the Kaho Na Pyaar Hai days when Amisha was opted in for Kareena for the movie.

From her debut Ajnabee, Bipasha Basu earned a lot of praise and also a grudge with her co-star Kareena Kapoor. Bipasha got into a quarrel with Kareena because Kareena didn’t appreciate her assistant's disloyalty to the opposite party, and striked back by calling Bipasha a 'kali billi' ['black cat' -- an insult regarding the shade of Basu's skin]. When asked about difference between her and Kareena, Bipasha just sheds off the matter by saying, “I'm not denying the tension between Kareena and me. Yet I'm not looking to take her on. Ajnabee is over and done with.”

Things also seemed to have heated up between Bebo and Preity Zinta. On asking Kareena “what was that little run-in with Preity Zinta all about?” she replies, “There was probably some misunderstanding which she wasn't interested in clearing up. That's fine by me because she's nowhere in competition with me. That's something I feel.”

The latest news that has brought Kareena into the glare of publicity is her public lip-lock scene with boyfriend, Shahid Kapur in a restaurant. The couple denies doing anything of that sort and claims that the pictures that Mid-day has published aren’t real and that they have been morphed. Some reports say that they both were aware of the pictures being taken and being published the next day. Kareena and Shahid have decided that they will take legal action. Apart from the pictures, there is a video available with mid-day and news channels which clearly shows the couple and weakens their argument of “that’s not us, the pictures have been morphed.” Kareena protests to the questions and statement by saying, “I'm not this kind of a girl. I have an illustrious family name to uphold.”

No matter how much she tries, Bebo just can’t seem to stay away from sticky situations. Because of her boldness or extrovert character, she has managed to stay on the top of the news. So, is this all a coincidence, bad luck, her attitude, or just a plain old publicity stunt (considering that Bebo’s Hulchul has just released and Bewafaa is in the queue and Shahid is all up for his next film, Dil Maange More)? That’s for you to decide!