Peculiar habits of bollywood divas Preity, Urmila and Amisha

Our bollywood divas are known to be perfect onscreen, but off-screen many of them are known to exhibit some strange behaviours. Well most of these peculiar habits are just that plain weird, but none are really harmful. Bollywood divas they may be but everyone is entitled to certain strange quirks. Preity Zinta must have a clean and beautiful toilet and that is one of the first things that she checks out when she books a hotel suite. Preity also likes to jazz up her bath time with beautiful aroma candles. Well we’re sure that being a high profile bollywood actress definitely gets her a sparkling beautiful loo everywhere she goes.
Urmila Matondkar the petite actress who made item numbers the popular rage is a hygiene freak. The actress is so particular about cleanliness that after she washes off her hands and feet, she never towel dries them for fear of dirtying them again with unseen bacteria from the towel. She also does the same for her utensils and crockery, washes them and leaves them to dry. Well you can never be too clean or too careful, right Urmila? Another bollywood gal who suffers from the over-hygienic syndrome is Amisha Patel. But Amisha surely takes it a step further when she refuses to shake hands with people because she does not want people’s sweaty palms to touch her hands. If the actress has no choice and has to shake hands with someone, she definitely makes sure to run over to her vanity van and spray some sanitizer on her palms. Perhaps it is no wonders then that people claim that Amisha is high-handed.

Sameera Reddy loves the tortoise and this is quite evident with the number of objects that she has collected over the years that resembles a tortoise. Now there are so many tortoise like objects around her home, that she has no place for any more. We doubt that will really stop Sameera from going on her tortoise spree. However for older sibling Sushma, its no object that holds her delight but sleeping on a thin mattress on the floor that makes her willpower stronger. Here’s one actress who certainly does not have any starry airs and is still humble enough. While many people face severe water shortage, actress Koena Mitra considers it her birthright to take several long, languorous showers in the day. Even while shooting Koena must take a bath several times a day.

Amrita Arora has to do everything from buying clothes to turning up the volume on her stereo in even numbers. She has to do everything in even numbers and that’s the only way it works for our dearest Amu. We have to wonder though whether she follows the same policy for her films which flop. Tanushree Dutta’s mommy has advised her to always sleep facing the east, but unfortunately she has a poor sense of direction and hence keeps turning around in bed trying to decide which side is east. Well Tanushree, we’re sure your geography teachers won’t be too happy on hearing this.

These are only some of the insane quirky and weird behaviours that some of our divas dare to share.