Bigg Boss 7: Intimate photos of Payal Rohatgi with Sangram Singh

Actress and model Payal Rohatgi, passes words of advice to her boyfriend and wrestler Sangram Singh, who is one of the contestants at the house of ‘Bigg Boss’.

Payal wishes Sangram to win ‘Bigg Boss 7’. She tells, “He is my boyfriend and obviously I would like to see him as the winner. I just want him to stay nicely in the home.”

Payal praises her boyfriend and says, “He (Sangram) is a very simple person. He believes in god and he thinks that whatever happens, happens for good.”

She added, “I hope whatever is good for him, happens. His intention on the show is to do good for everyone. To stay, win or lose is not in anybody's hands. I just hope the audience understands him.”

Sangram Singh is one of the celebrity contestants at the house. He was not nominated for elimination till a long time. However, recently, there was a tie between Elli and Sangram. Both of them underperformed in a luxury budget task. As a result, both of them were assigned a task. In that task, Elli won and so Sangram was nominated directly for elimination. Before this, he was hardly nominated for vote out. Sangram maintains a low profile in the house. However, during initial tasks, he got little loud which hurt other housemates. Later, he controlled himself. He is one of the promising contestants to win this season.

Payal Rohatgi was herself a contestant in season 2 of ‘Bigg Boss’. During that season, she drew a lot of attention due to her alleged affair with Rahul Mahajan who was also one of the contestants. However, later she dismissed the controversies telling that Rahul was her friend. It was reported that the couple split after Payal blamed him for physical assault. After that Payal was also rumored to be in relationship with South African cricketer Gibbs.

In 2011, she met Sangram Singh on the sets of ‘Survivor India’. It was a reality show. Soon, she declared herself to be in a committed relationship with him.

Sangram is an Indian wrestler. In 2012, he was awarded the World’s best professional wrestler by World Wrestling Professionals, South Africa. He has also appeared in a number of reality shows like ‘Sach Ka Saamna’, ‘Raaj Pichle Janam Ka’ and ‘Survivor India’.