Pavani Reddy breaks her silence on husband Pradeep’s suicide

Telugu actor Pradeep Kumar committed suicide by hanging himself at his residence by his wife Pavani Reddy’s dupatta and it raised many questions about his relationship with wife Pavani.

It is heard that marrital discord has dragged the actor to take such drastic step. Pradeep Kumar and his wife Pavani Reddy entered into a heated argument which led him to end his life.

Pavani had the last word with Pradeep before he committed suicide. They were married for the last one year.

Wife Pavani Reddy opened by about the incident. "I had a conversation with Pradeep before he committed suicide. A small misunderstanding arose out of the conversation. Every couple faces this kind of situation. We have had even bigger disputes than this one, but he had never taken such an extreme step. His suicide was a big shock for me too as the misunderstanding was not such a big deal," Pavani told a web portal.

The actress even recalled the entire conversation she had with Pradeep hours before he committed suicide.

"I returned home from the shooting at 11.00 pm. I spoke to Pradeep about a birthday party. He was happy and attended it gladly. But he was damned tired and angry with something. He was telling me that he was suffering from a severe headache due to the hectic work. After that he started drinking a lot and I have never seen him drink so much," Reddy stated

"When Pradeep was saying something, I was attending to some other work. This led to an argument and I went inside the washroom and started crying. Pradeep knocked the door and smashed a glass pane when I did not open the door. My brother Shravan applied the medicine to his injured hand," Pavani Reddy added.

Early in the morning on May 3, the actor was found hanging from a ceiling fan at 4:30 am when his wife came to wake him up for a shoot, she found him hanging. He was rushed to the nearby hospital where the doctors declared him as dead.