Patel rap with Amisha

Amisha PatelAmisha's personal life may have hit rock bottom but the actress continues to breeze as Bollywood's exquisite beauty. Pear shaped face, porcelain skin, walnut eyes, long tresses and heart-breaking vulnerability is what Rajni Patel's gorgeous granddaughter brought to Bollywood.
We join Amisha for a salacious capsule on style where the angelic beauty spills us her craving for pink, on what Aamir
told her, her blonde-n-bold look in Elaan , and fills us on why she likes saris? When the world is going dare-n-bare, here's your date with a gal who's unapologetically feminine…

“PINK is me!”
Screams the blonde babe. “I love pink, I simply do! Be it fuchsia pink, pastels or a bright pink, all are welcome” She is all girlie…we tease “Oh yes” she agrees. No disputes here. “I love the feminine feel about clothes. And pink does just that for me. I am into floral prints and lace, big time. Also I believe my body language is such that it totally complements feminine cuts” she says matter-of fact.

She comes across as a very prim-n-proper person, we point out. Amisha nods in the yes. “I like to be that way. Being clumsy is not me,” she avers. What is the style maxim that she likes to follow, we enquire? “Comfort tops everything else. You can find me lounging in my oldest and softest pair of tracks” she responds.

“I have curves in the right place, so I can carry off a sari well”
Her onscreen looks have worked well, we remind her. “That's right. When Kaho Naa…Pyar Hai happened, I knew nothing about makeup and clothes. But I guess the unpolished look of Sonia clicked. While in Gadar, I was all doled up in ghaghra-choli. Rocky S worked very hard on the look of Sakina. And that's the reason though the clothes look of the period era, they aren't exaggerated” she spells her researched thought. We agree.

That brings us to Humraaz where she turned ultra-sensuous in the sari and poker hair. “Thanks” the Patel girl blushes mildly. ”I basically love saris. I have the curves in the right place so the sari falls very well. Besides, I don't feel fat in a sari ” she giggles.

The Blonde Babe
And what is it with her new Elaan blonde look? “Oh yes, I have been receiving a lot of compliments of late about the hairdo. But the blonde look is in sync with my character, that of an NY scribe who matches wits with the guys in the film. Also, I have squeezed into some short skirts. It isn't scandalous but has an air of sensuality” she assures us.

Retreating to her blonde locks, is she very liberal with her hair? She crosses her eyes, “Not in the least. No one's to fool with my hair. I am mighty possessive about them,” the beauty warns us. “My blonde look in Elaan is the radical best that I can get. My hair gets short only by an inch or two when I go for a trim, but besides that nothing can get me to chop away my lovely locks” she says caressing her blonde streaks. Could a movie or a boyfriend do the trick, we quiz? “Only if I am so blown away by the script, will the scissors near my hair. But no guy can get me to do it!”

“I am conscious about my hips!”
Talking of which, ‘Is Vikram Bhatt's film her Elaan to the sex brigade that she has arrived?' we humor her. “Oh no” she manages to let out, amidst a burst of giggles. “I don't endorse in-your-face sex-appeal. To me sensuality has to be soft and alluring” It's new to see Amisha in high-rise skirts in the film! we tell her. “I realize that. But I personally never get into short skirts. I am kind-a conscious about my hips. But my designer, Komal Sahni was the one who picked them up for me. She felt I could carry off the outfit, and that's how you see me living up to her vision in Elaan” she goes witty.

Aamir shouted at me, “You are a freak!”
But it's her 2005 release, The Rising opposite Aamir Khan that's making big news. “Yes that has got me pretty excited. I play the role of a widow. So the look has been quite drastic. I have gone completely pale for it. On the first day of the shoot, I was a bit apprehensive about my dark circles showing or the lights catching the unevenness of my skin. So I came with a basecoat on my face. Aamir looked at me and shouted, “You are a freak! With a skin like that, you want to hide it behind a base! Take it off right away!” I thought he made sense. So I have a ‘just-washed' look in the film.

“I am like a bottle of champagne which…”
Getting back to where she started out, ‘Does her scholastic background make things tougher for her in the dream factory? “Try as much as I may, I can't be filmi !” Amisha explains us in all honesty. “I don't gossip, backbite or attend number of parties which makes me an outcast at times” And what is her take on the alleged groupism in Bollywood? “There are a lot many camps. But I am open to any and everybody who has a good role to offer' she states. And does the serene beauty have a temper? “Oh yes, I am hyper, but I cool off pretty soon too. Lets put it this way, I am like a bottle of champagne which bubbles up when you uncork it but fizzes out soon' Patel makes us see reason.

And how is it that she lets off steam? “Ah, Jagjit Singh comes to my rescue” she laughs.