Past 6-7 years was really ugly, Rashami Desai on her divorce

Rashami Desai opens up on her divorce with actor Nandish Sandhu. Rashmi’s marriage with Nandish was short-lived. After four years of marriage, they got officially divorced. Though she has gone through rough patch, Rashmi is quite positive about life.

The 31-year-old moved on in life.

“I am not one of those, who worry that things in the future, too, might end up the same way, as they did in the past. It’s all about giving yourself equal importance as the other person in a relationship. Fairytales ki kahaaniyan banaate hain life ke baare mein, let’s see what happens next,” says Rashami, who is currently acting in ‘Dil se Dil Tak’ based on the theme of surrogacy.

When the actress was asked if she still believes in love, she quickly replied, “More than love, I believe in life. The journey is very long, and it’s up to me how I navigate through it.”

However, Rashami admits that the whole divorce episode was emotionally and mentally very draining. “This rough patch I went through in the past 6-7 years was really ugly. A lot of changes happened, and they are enough to make one go mentally weak.”

We have seen failed relationships drive people to commit suicide. When the actress was asked to comment on this, she says, “When you encounter such a relationship, your mindset changes drastically. What one needs at such a critical point of time is people, who are supportive and ready to help.”

Nandish and Rashami first met on the set of ‘Uttaran’ and fell in love. They had a grand wedding ceremony and now after two years of married life, all of a sudden Rashmi had the feeling that Nandish is not caring and honest. Moreover, Nandish is very much haunted by Rashmi’s past life. Rashmi had a controversial past. She was a Bhojpuri actress and worked in C-grade film.  In the past, popular Bhojpuri actor Ravi Kishan refused to work with Rashmi owing to her flirtatious nature. Before she met Nandish, she had apparently dated a middle-aged man from the Bhojpuri industry.