Parveen Babi – lonely to alone (1955 – 2005)

Parveen BabiParveen Babi, the name is synonymous to glamorous doll, prettiest heroine and successful woman. Babi has enthralled her fans and the viewers for over twenty years in numerous breathtaking roles. Parveen Babi’s beauty was a subject for newspapers, magazines and even the film industry. She was considered to be among the most gorgeous actresses that were
present in the Indian Film Industry at the time when she was bagging roles.

Babi started her career as an actress in 1973 with Charitra, which was a black and white film. She did about twenty movies in that decade itself, some of which were well recognized at the box office like Deewar, Darinda, Amar Akhbar Anthony and Suhaag. Parveen delivered performances in more than thirty films in the next decade. In the 1980s, she starred in seven different films opposite Amitabh Bachchan some of which include Shaan, Do Aur Do Paanch, Kaalia etc. Babi’s last film, Akarshan came out in 1988, in which she had a guest appearance.

In addition to being a popular celebrity, Babi was surrounded with many controversies. Her interviews, evidently, were extremely controversial as she was the first actress in the Indian Film Industry to come out openly to talk easily about her drug related activities. She was also known for having many affaires with married men like Danny Denzongpa, Karan Bedi and Mahesh Bhatt, about which she didn’t hesitate to speak in her interviews.

Later in 1970s, it was claimed that she suffered from Schizophrenia, which is a psychotic disorders usually characterized by withdrawal from reality. During this time, she was also undergoing from a critical relationship with Mahesh Bhatt, which caused a nervous breakdown.

In 1983, Babi decided to fly to the US. Her escape was unexplained. After coming back from New York, she lodged a complaint to a police station again 34 parties, who she accused of planning to kill her. Amitabh Bachchan and Bill Clinton were, supposedly, two of the parties included in the panning.

Parveen’s personal life was a very lonely one. She wasn’t doing so well in life, when her mother died. After her mother’s death, she broke down, completely.

As, she, herself, died, three days before the police found her body, no one stepped forward to claim her body and cremate it. Filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt came forward and said, “I have just sent a message to Javed Ahmed that in case no one claims her body and it doesn’t legally violate any clauses, I will give her a dignified funeral. I only met her mother when she was alive and I did hear of a distant cousin, but I don’t know of any other relationship that she had.”

Finally, Babi’s niece, Farhad Sultan Babi, claimed her body and buried her right next to Babi’s mother’s grave.

Babi was a diabetic and had gangrene in her left leg. Senior Inspector Shyam Chavan of Juhu Police Station, after Babi’s post-mortem, said, “The post-mortem report does not reveal anything suspicious about the death of the actress.” Police didn’t suspect any foul play as the house was found in an okay condition.

After leading a lonely life, Parveen Babi left the world in a silent loneliness. Her glamour and style will remain in the hearts of her fans for many years to come. May her soul rest in peace!