Parth Samthaan accuses producer Vikas Gupta of molestation

Things between ‘Kaisi Yeh Yaariyan’ actor Parth Samthaan aka Manik and the producer of the show Vikas Gupta has turned ugly. They have entered into a legal battle. Television actor Parth Samthaan accuses the producer Vikas Gupta of molestation while the producer in turn denied the allegation and filed defamation case against Parth.

Early this month, Parth send a legal notice to Vikas Gupta over molestation, non payment of dues and 'threatening him to ruin his career'. The actor accused the producer of allegedly trying to touch him inappropriately. Parth has also lodged a complaint against Gupta at Versova police station against molestation and non-payment of dues.

Parth says Vikas has not cleared his dues and even demanded a ransom of Rs 50 lakh from him. "Vikas hasn't cleared my dues of Rs 5,50,000 for Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya, a show that I did with him. In fact, he has been asking me to cough up a ransom of Rs 50,00,000.
He has also threatened to ruin my career. I have also informed the cops about the same. I have nothing against him except for the fact that he hasn't cleared my dues. We were good friends. He has also helped me in my career and I will be always thankful to him. But my hard work can't be discounted,"  the actor told TOI.

On hearing this, Vikas maintained a dignified silence but his lawyers have clarified the issue. "Vikas has gone through a difficult time because of the nature of allegations that speak of his professional incompetence and casts aspersions on his character. Alleging a producer of attempting to molest and extort money from an actor is bizarre. Vikas will be taking legal action soon. A defamation case is being filed against the Bollywood aspirant."

Days back, Parth hit the headlines over creating a controversial Whatsapp Group where the members shared the details of "the number of women they had bedded".

Parth and Vikas have worked together on several TV shows like ‘Gumraah’, ‘Pyaar Tune Kya Kiya’ and ‘Kaisi Ye Yaariyan’.