Paris Jackson will walk away from Jackson family!

15 year-old Paris Jackson, daughter of late pop singer Michael Jackson will walk away from Jackson family when she will turn 16. The future of Paris Jackson was predicted by Mark Lester, who is godfather to late King of Pop Michael Jackson's three children. He predicted that Paris is planning to cut her all relationship from Jackson family.

"I am sure when Paris hits 16 she will take herself out of that Jackson clan, walk out of that door and never turn back. She will never go back. I am glad she has got Debbie Rowe (Paris' mother) in her life," he said.

Paris who celebrated her 15th birthday with Rowe last month is living with her legal guardian, grandmother Katherine Jackson along with her brothers Prince, 16, and Blanket, 11, after the death of her father Michael in 2009,

Lester also expressed his sympathy for Katherine, who is taking all the responsibility of raising the three children.

"It must be hard for Katherine, being an 83-year-old having teenage kids running around. It must be very difficult for her stepping in as a mother when she was always granny, which brings us back to Debbie Rowe. I think it's a good thing she's coming back on the scene, perfect timing," he added.

Meanwhile, it is also learnt that Paris Jackson has reached to her mother Debbie Rowe as she is going through ‘teenage angst’.  She moved with her biological mother along with her brothers.

A source told People: ''Paris has been going through a lot of teenage angst and needed a mother figure. Debbie never wanted to intrude but when Paris called she was immediately there”.

''They are making a big effort to make up for lost time.''

In 1999, Michael was given full custody of Paris and her elder brother Prince Michael and in return gave his ex-wife Debbie an $8 million settlement and a house in Beverly Hills.