Parineeta through the eyes of Amitabh Bachchan

<a href='//' title='Amitabh Bachchan' class='article_display_tag' data-id='amitabh-bachchan' id='article_tag_data_amitabh-bachchan' style='display: inline-block;'><strong>Amitabh Bachchan</strong></a>This cine god is associated with good cinema or shall we say, is another name for good cinema itself. Amitabh Bachchan likes Vidhu Vinod Chopra but what he likes even better is what Vidhu has done…Parineeta. The superstar, who has lent the film a voice-over, takes us on nostalgia trip with Parineeta where he touches upon his Bengali re-connect, Pradeep da's obsession for details, the Kolkatta of the sixties and what he thinks of Pradeep's debut effort on screen.
Here's Amitabh talking about the finer points of the film in a way only he can
My Kolkatta roots…

“To capture a place in its tense isn't very easy”

I kind of breezed through my roots when Vidhu narrated me the script of Parineeta. The one element that pleased me was that they have managed to recreate the authenticity of the time and place beautifully. My wife is from Kolkatta, I too was in Kolkatta looking for work at one point of time. I remember feeling nostalgic when I saw a few grabs of the film and that happens only when the place has been captured in its tense. When Vidhu showed me rushes of the film, the first thing I told myself was that, 'I hadn't seen anything so beautiful!'

The period look

“It felt like time had stood still!”

What most forget is that when you claim to make a period film, you have got to do full justice to its setting. It has to belong to the time and age. Most films fall short on this, but you'll have no such complaints from Parineeta. It was a beautiful rewind back to the bygone era. While watching the film, I can see the sixties Kolkatta in each frame of its. It felt like time stood still.

The detail dinosaur- Pradeep Sarkar

“With him, the 'unnes-bees' ka farak doesn't exist!”

Pradeep is certainly one man who understands the power of the words, 'God lies in detail'. Most trip over this because it is highly consuming. The only other person I know who involves him in such extensive research is Sanjay Bhansali. With Pradeep, everything has to be exact; there is no room for compromise.
The 'unnes-bees ka farak' doesn't exist! Be it the props, the fall of the sari of the character, the lighting, the pronunciation of the dialogue, each minute detail is looked into. As an actor I think it is great to work in an atmosphere where everything is accurate. It kind of disciplines the situation. I personally like a shoot atmosphere where everything is looked after.

When Pradeep played Saif's role…

Another thing about Pradeep da is that he doesn't orphan his actors. My years of experience tell me that no matter how well a scene is written or lit, if the director is unable to convey the idea of a scene to his actors, it just doesn't work out. Here the advantage for Pradeep is that if there is a case that his actors don't get what he is trying to express, he is easy enough to get into the frame and act it out. Once you do that, all that the actor has to do is replicate what you did. If I am not wrong, Saif wasn't getting an expression right in a song and Pradeep acted it out for him.

The swinging sixties!

“Those were the best days of Kolkatta!”

I personally think that the sixties were the best time that Kolkatta experienced. It was a melting pot of culture, creativity, art, literature and entertainment. The whole atmosphere was so vibrant and upbeat, it is difficult to catch that vibe today. There is a particular club song in the film which is so much the Kolkatta that I saw then. It was so full of life! The energy is unmistakable.
There are times when I strongly feel that though it was the 60s, Kolkatta was a city ahead of its time, very contemporary, I would say. It was also a time when the old line was seeing its way out for the new wave to come in. I guess that kind of gave the city the energy that it had.

Parineeta at the IIFA

“Parineeta is a blend of the commercial & the artistic!”

I am happy that Parineeta is seeing a premier at the IIFA. This kind of gives it a global platform. Its unfortunate but many of our films are one-faced. They are either the escapist or the pretentious variety. With Parineeta at the IIFA, I am hoping that the world sees a product of the Hindi cinema industry that is entertaining, commercial yet has a beautiful stroke of being artistic. So I am glad that there's a great product from us for international display. Hope people come to hear a good story being told.

Courtesy: India FM

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