Paresh Rawal aka Bollywood’s Narendra Modi

Bollywood seems to be quite interested in biopic nowadays. From the hit ones like ‘Mary Kom’ to the most awaited ones like ‘M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story’, filmmakers are exploring interesting personalities. But one upcoming biopic might be the one to be the best one ever. It would be based on Narendra Modi and it is Paresh Rawal who would be taking up this challenging job!

Sensing how excited people would be, Paresh has shared a lot about this venture. He tells the media, “I will start shooting the Narendra Modi biopic from August. It’s a massive responsibility being an actor to portray a leader of such great stature. He knows that I am playing him in his biopic.” The actor says that a lot of hard work is needed to enact this very special role. Paresh has earlier played a freedom fighter in the Ketan Mehta film directorial ‘Sardar’ of 1993. He got a lot of acclaim for playing Vallabhbhai Patel. He would be working for this upcoming biopic, in a somewhat similar manner he did for ‘Sardar’. “Like the way I did during my stint in playing Sardar Patel in the film Sardar, here also I have to do loads of photo reading and listen to his speeches,” says the actor. Though Paresh would play Modiji, it is to be noted that he wouldn’t essentially become the PM, as he says – “But I will not mimic him. I will try to capture his spirit. I know very well that I can never look like PM Modi”

Last year, the biopic had been on hold because the election results were still to be announced. Paresh had then said that he was a great choice for this role. “I am confident about the film and no one else can play Narendra Modi other than me. He is in a different league altogether and I am more than excited to play the role. I am not allowed to talk much about the film but, yes, I will start shooting soon for this film,” said the actor.

The producer of the film, Mitesh Patel, has even met Narendra Modi as he says, “I met Mr Modi recently and informed him of the current developments and he said if I release it, it’s fine and if I can’t, even that’s fine. It was my decision to release the film during the elections. Mr Modi is larger than my film. One film won’t make a difference in his political career.”